I never thought
I would be
my own client

In 2008 I cofounded and launched Choffy. Choffy is brewed chocolate. Cocoa beans are specially roasted and ground to be brewed into a deep rich drink. Choffy was created as a direct sales company and was forged with a dream, hard work, and no shortage of guts. It began in a home kitchen, and we created a national brand.


Pioneering a new Product

When we started Choffy, there were no other products on the market like brewed chocolate. Introducing a new product and new product category had both its benefits and challenges. We didn’t have the funds to go direct to grocery stores, and even if we had would consumers have known what Choffy was from the package on the shelf? Is it hot chocolate? Is it coffee? Is it both? How do you make it?

We knew from experience was that when we made Choffy for people, they loved the taste. When we told them about the health benefits they immediately got what Choffy was. Direct Sales was a perfect fit. When one passionate person shares something they love, authentic trust is built through real relationships and ultimately create a loyal following.

The Approach

We took a very calculated marketing approach in building the brand and the company. Product quality was paramount. Cocoa beans are a premium commodity, and Choffy is a premium product. We reflected that in the packaging, our language, and the caliber of imagery we used. Since our budget was so small (nonexistent) we leveraged social media and events to build a grass-roots movement.

We knew the ground swell was working when we began to be picked up by everyone from Dr. OZ, and O magazine, to USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Foodies and fitness fanatics alike were abuzz about Choffy. We had lift off!

Choffy Distributor Materials

The field materials are a critical part of a direct sales company’s success. Each piece must communicate the values of brand, the company vernacular, and most importantly educate and train the field how to be successful. There success in turn, means lasting success for the company.

These materials were created to be delivered both in print and digital formats.



The product packaging needed reflect the diversity of flavor, unity of brand, and remain clear in our message. We all of the pragmatic information in an accessible way, and then added some surprises to find in unexpected places.