Brand Jordan Love Concert

When you are Brand Jordan, you host cool events and invite the coolest people. Brand Jordan hosted a concert during the NBA All-Star weekend. The marketing for it had a two pronged approach. We targeted key VIPs to attend. These were celebrities in entertainment, sports, and fashion. Everyone knows these people’s names. The second audience was grassroots. We wanted the entire local community to know about and feel invited to this event.

The Approach

We invited the VIPs with a personalized invitation sent directly to them. The silver foil and subtle black on black varnish reflected the premium attributes of the brand. Posters and other materials were created for distribution by street teams and for placement in local businesses. I created the event graphics including giant banners and other installations for the concert.

The concert was a huge success. The turn out was great both from the community and celebrities. The brand successfully connected directly to consumers and its key public influencers.