Meyer Brothers Roofing

Richard, Gene & Pat Meyer have put roofs on everything from One Union Square in downtown Seattle to the trendy Red Hook Brewery in Renton. Their work is sometimes admired like blue ceramic tiled Uwajimaya Market, but more often their craftsmanship is never seen, like on top of the Four Seasons Hotel.

The Brief

We were asked to develop a new company logo, and promotional capabilities brochure. The new brand mark needed to reflect their dedication to craftsmanship and work on a large variety of applications like signage, vehicles and equipment. Their capabilities brochure needed to demonstrate the company’s history of proven quality and expertise.

The Result

To develop their mark we wanted to draw in the company’s capabilities, but it became clear that thegreatest corporate asset is the well-known integrity of the three brothers themselves. We reinforced this idea with a silhouette of the trio front and center in their new brand mark. Their capabilities brochure reinforced the idea of “Peace of Mind Overhead” and featured images and studies from some of the most recognizable buildings and clients.