Helping Girls Become the Boss

Utoria is a company started by a girl, for girls. It’s a community for entrepreneurial young women. Their goal is to create a space for young women to learn, connect, be inspired, and access everything they need to start or grow a business.


Utoria is a young company fiercely dedicated to equip young women with the aptitude and support needed to start their own business. Utoria was started by a then 16 year old Tori Molnar who among other accolades writes for the Huffington Post and speaks around the country. Her company is an embodiment of her passion for inspiring freedom and entrepreneurialism in her peers.


Brand building comes from an intimate understanding of not only who you are, but who you want to be, and how to communicate with your unique audience.
Through a series of interviews and audience surveying, we developed the Utoria Girl profiles. From those profiles we began to craft the mark and brand imagery.