Well & Company

At Well & Company they passionately believe that everyone can live their best life. They want to spark a self-care revolution. Their healthy supplements are naturally formulated to help you live each day to the fullest with passion and purpose, so that every day can be your best day.


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01. Launch Strategy

Well & Company has very smart and experienced entreprenuerial leadership. Since this was their first company within the direct selling space, I was able to provide practical messaging and marketing strategy for their industry’s unique needs.

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02. Compensation
Plan Guide

The goal was to infuse the Well & Co. culture and expand on the brand created by Hybrid Design. We created a piece that would speak to the the burgeoning community and clearly communicate how they can earn as Well & Company Guides.

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03. Starter Kit Materials

We provided the content and copy for many of Well & Company’s starter kit materials, including key printed and interactive field training and promotion materials.

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04. Training

We were privileged to be asked to present and train their initial field members in the Well & Co compensation plan and the key behaviors that lead to field success. We were also asked to write scripts, provide voice over, and presentations for detail training to be used with their field.