Creative Director – Designer – Brand Strategist – Speaker – Entrepreneur

I don’t have any hair,
but I wear many hats.

I strive to be a catalyst for innovative, creative work and smart strategy. I build brands through an integrated approach of visual language, value messaging, and authentic customer conversation.

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Strategy and purpose are fundamental to every thing I do. It informs brand development and collateral messaging in the same way that it guides user experience and web design. Each client and each project requires a unique strategy based on the company’s objectives and position. One size does not fit all.

Brand Design

A brand is more than a logo, or a combination of fonts and colors. A brand should be a clarion call for people to unite with, communicate with and become a part of, regardless of the companies product or service. It reflects the values and aspirations of the company and the people it leads. I have been entrusted to protect and enrich some of the worlds largest and most recognized brands, yet I take the same vigor and guardianship in helping to develop start-up’s brands.

Collateral Design

I have created marketing and brand materials that range from the traditional (brochures, catalogs, annual reports, business cards), to the technically specialized (product packaging, apparel, merchandise, installation and event design and signage) to the downright exotic (ask me about the 18 wheeler, or the solid gold, diamond encrusted medallions).

Interactive Design

Maybe it was his time playing on the early usenet bulletin boards in the 80’s to get 8 bit video games, but Jason has always known that the internet was where businesses and people would converge in a new way. He has never lost the drive to design online experiences to connect people. Jason has broad experience designing web, interactive and app solutions.


My most valuable possession outside my family is my integrity.
Working smart doesn't mean you don't have to work hard.
Never underestimate the power of the golden rule.
Some of the most powerful sentences start with - What if.
There is great danger in discouragement. Fear feeds failure.
I speak Portuguese fluently and pretty decent Spanish.
The US Men's National team will will the World Cup. Someday.
Our most challenging experiences provide our moments of greatest growth.
I love to travel but the Pacific Northwest will always be home.
There is no such thing as online or offline marketing, just marketing.
I can start a fire without matches. I am an Eagle Scout. On my honor.
There are lots of things I don't know.

Jason is, hands down, one of the best creative people I have ever worked with. The passion and ability he brings to everything he touches is second to none, and is a leader in thought and example. He is that rare person who can work equally well with both a detailed in-depth creative brief, or an idea scribbled in two lines on a piece of scratch paper. He understands when to ask the right questions, and when to take what's there and make it better, and in his care, it was always for the better.

David Lowe-Rogstad

Jason is a rare find in the creative world. Not only is he creatively talented, but he has a great business mind. Jason is a great manager/mentor and is able to identify and motivate talented people to do great work.

Colby Wilson, SMITH

Jason may be the finest person I have ever worked for. Besides being a talented designer/art director/creative director, he also has extraordinary client relation skills and is a remarkable leader. I always had complete confidence in any project I worked on with him. Everyone in his team always felt appreciated and motivated. Completely unflappable, even with the most demanding and stressful projects, Jason's approached was always calm, sensible, and practical. Making every project's success assured. I am still impressed that while dedicating the time to manage his own team so well, he was still able to devote the lion's share of his thought to developing creative and original solutions for our clients.

Brent Westberg