Legacy Health Systems

Legacy Health is one of the largest health care providers in the Pacific Northwest with six world class hospitals and revered Children’s hospital, among many clinics. Their care, facilities and expertise are among the best in the country, but their brand and website had become tired and quite dated.

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01. Training and Strategy

Legacy’s previous website had grown to roughly 10k pages and had little cohesive organization with so many varying objectives from many separate groups. We designed and lead a multi-session workshop with 50 of the major stakeholders to help unify and be informed by their unique real world needs. We created a comprehensive guide to share our findings, deliver our strategic analysis, and provide our site recommendations.

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02. Style Guide and Visual Strategy

As the design of the site began to materialize, we created a style guide for their in-house creative staff on how to implement their new brand into their new website. The guide covered everything from the CSS implementation of typography and color, to a digital toolkit to enable their internal design staff to create the illustrative brand elements for use in all other mediums.