Key Nutrients

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Key Nutrients wasn’t just another startup on the nutritional scene—they were poised to redefine it. With ambitions that stretched beyond the crowded nutritional market, their goal was clear: not just to enter the market – but to transcend it.

Key Nutrients embossed horizontal logo

Our journey together started with just a few select products planned. What happened next? The brand launch on Amazon and its own marketplace resonated so profoundly with its audience that the product line was immediately expanded, capturing the attention of major industry players. As their popularity and ratings soared, so did their horizons, eventually making them an attractive target for acquisition by industry giants.

Functional Compartments

Key Nutrients needed to prominently highlight their product’s superior quality, so we designed the packaging to effectively showcase essential information.

Design Strategy

To stand out in a crowded digital marketplace, we deliberately designed our visuals to be distinctly unique, capturing the right attention among competitors.

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