Pet Nutrients

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When founder Joe Ochoa wanted to add to the success of his Key Nutrients products, but for pets, we were asked to create a wholly different brand that maintained the same values as its parent.

At its core, Pet Nutrients is about enriching the lives of the pets we love with the best nutrients anywhere. The packaging needed to draw pet lovers in, whether on physical shelves or a mobile shopping cart. We created Lucky, our mascot, trying to embody the best parts of all of our pets and put him front and center.

The client’s original direction was to design a simple typographic wordmark to represent the brand. We added the 4-leafed clover and dog tag as a nod to our beloved Lucky.

Lucky’s Seal of Approval

As part of the logo set, we created a seal showing Lucky’s approval of the products. Lucky became our standard of quality. It wouldn’t go out, if it wasn’t good enough for him.


This seal of approval pops up in the darndest places. We wanted these found brand elements to bring a smile to our Customers.

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