Case Study: Direct Sales

The Direct Selling Industry pulses with energy, driven by independent sales teams who bring products and services directly to consumers. Direct Selling not only offers a tailored buying experience for customers but also can open up meaningful development and earning opportunities for the sellers themselves.

We navigate the universe of Direct Selling with the precision of a moon landing. Fluent in the complex language of compensation plans, we understand what it takes to launch a company. After all, we’ve actually been there.

With clients ranging from industry giants to over fifty startups globally, we are the rocket fuel behind some of the sector’s most stellar successes.

Case Study


/Communication Strategy /Compensation Plan Guide Design /Copywriting /Compensation Plan Communication Materials
Global Plan Change

The LifeVantage team had a fresh new Compensation Plan and wanted a new Consultant Guide that would arm the team with clear direction and examples setting them up for success.


We worked with Sales and Legal teams representing all of LifeVantage’s global regions. In addition to the guide below, we helped create training presentations and materials that for their global rollout.

Compensation Plan

/Communication Strategy /Compensation Plan Guide Design /Copywriting /Compensation Plan Communication Materials
/Cost Range Estimate: $8,500-$11,000
Fully responsive

Our experience has shown that a Compensation Plan Guide microsite is highly effective, easily leveraged for field training, and gives companies the most cost savings over time.


Forget outdated information and version checking. Microsites give your field and home office access to the latest and greatest information on your Compensation Plan in the palm of their hands.

Compensation Plan
Printed Guides

/Communication Strategy /Compensation Plan Guide Design /Copywriting /Compensation Plan Communication Materials
/Cost Range Estimate: $6,500-$8,500

Many of our clients prefer the heft of the paper in their hands, and we love print. Others prefer the ease and fast distribution of PDFs for presentations.


A Compensation Plan Guide and its associated materials are critical extensions of a company’s brand. They need to communicate and extend the brand, while providing the backbone of field training.

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